May 05 2013

by Heidi Leon Monges

Recipe & Cocktail // Tacos tornillo & Palomas for Cinco de Mayo

Are you having fun?. I am! Yesterday on a very last min (you know, a la mexicana), my friend and one of our awesome contributors,  Juliana & I got together to stir up a lil mex storm. Despite the fact that 5 de Mayo is a Mexican-now-turned-into-a-Mexican-American holiday and therefore lots of connationals have strong opinions on how our neighbors-del-norte celebrate this date, I love the media coverage towards Mexican culture and specially to our food; and since I don´t want to lecture you on what is right or wrong about this day, I think is best to show you how those Mex-pats like me `honor´it…as always with tons of good food and one (or two bottles) of Tequila… (if only I had Mezcal in hand too…).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Yield: 4 pax


8 flour or corn tortillas

3 pork medallions, grilled or a la plancha, cut in thin slices

2 sirloin steaks, grilled or a la plancha, cut in thin slices

2 tomatoes, cut in segments, grilled (with skins on)

2 sliced onions, grilled, just until brown

1 of each red and green bell pepper, thinly sliced and grilled


1 medium bowl of  guacamole

1 medium bowl of home made salsa roja (or you can subs with Salsa Valentina, Tapatío, or Chipotle purée. Chipotle recipe here)

1 portion of chiles toreados

lots of limes :-)

Assemble all or your choice of (still hot) ingredients over a warm tortilla; although basically a `tornillo taco´ is one made with flour tortillas filled up with grilled pork and served with grilled onions, tomatoes and avocado slices I changed it to guacamole but you can always take the faster route and skip the guac.

After choosing your main ingredients, now is time to dress up your taco with all those sexy garnishes you have now in hand. A bit salsa roja or why not, a heavy heap of fiery chiles toreados.

Add a dash of fresh lime, some salt if needed and buen provecho!


This is one of my family fave drinks, at my parents home there is always a bottle of tequila and some squirts on the fridge. You know, just in case…

Yield: 1 pax

1.5 oz  Tequila Reposado

Squirt soda (or subs with Pomelo juice & Sparkling water) as needed



Grapefruit or limes wedges

Pour some salt on a plate. Rub half of rim of a glass with a grapefruit or lime wedge.

Dip rim of glass in the salt.

Pour in 1.5 oz of tequila over the glass, add some ice and top off with the Squirt soda or 3/4 pomelo juice 1/4 sparkling water.


Garnish with grapefruit or lime wedge.

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