Aug 28 2012

by Heidi Leon Monges

Carnet de voyage // Un domaine en la Provence


Tell Heidi to bring her camera.

That was all our friend P. said to my husband when he talked over the phone with him. He said he will invite us to boire le café at his place for later on move somewhere else that he knew I will love.








regis at sunset-1-700p




Thing is P. knows me very well. He always (and I mean always) makes sure I discover a new place at his Provence. Since that very first time  when he asked me if I already visited  the city of Marseille and to my negative reply he arranged everything for a `day trip´ to la capitale du monde where with all the fierté that Provençals and Marseilleises have, he, showed me how to act like a local: buy chichis fregis at the iconic L´Estaque (yes, the same petit port where Cezanne and friends used to go to get inspired), swim and sunbathe topless in Petit Mèjean (oh lala!. you know, when in Rome…), wander around La Corniche or crash in style at some friends` barbec (grilled merguez included).

Last year Phillipe somehow provoked a rencontre between C (an old times friend that Regis had lost track of) and my husband. That reunion ended up on a nice dinner with a bunch of old pals and others several  afternoons spent watching the sun set with a verre de café o rosé in hand plus a new addiction to le Cabanon .

Then, this year he brings me here. To a wonderful ancienne maison & domaine owned by a close friend of him, who kindly let me took some quick shoots of her gorgeous dwell. If I´ll try to explain in words the uniquess and magic of this place I migth ruin it. Lets just say I believe is a magical place.

Merci Phillipe. you are sunshine in my french life. Toujours.

By the way, never a better timing to congratule C and A for the addition of baby Zoé to their lives. Bienvenida al mundo pequeña!.

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